Principal’s Message

Welcome to Yorkson Creek Middle School.  Yorkson Creek Middle School is located on the dynamic Willoughby Slope in the Township of Langley.  Together we work with our feeder schools; Lynn Fripps Elementary, Richard Bulpitt Elementary, Willoughby Elementary and R.E. Mountain High School to provide our students with opportunities of innovation, community, excellence and a sense of belonging.

Every aspect of Yorkson Creek Middle School’s design supports the unique developmental needs of young adolescents. We believe focusing on the Langley School District’s vision and the Middle School Pillars is essential in creating an inclusive school culture focused on the belonging and value of all.  At Yorkson Creek Middle School, we promote a school culture of care with a focus on building connections. Improving student learning through meaningful relationships, connectedness, and an environment of care is crucial to adolescent engagement. At Yorkson Creek Middle School we create a safe, positive, and vibrant culture driven by the needs of middle years students. This, along with involving parents, staff and the community increases student engagement which then leads a positive impact on our students’ achievement.

The Yorkson Creek Middle School learning community encourages all to achieve their academic, athletic and personal success through involvement and belonging. Structures such as the essentials (Woodwork, Home Economics, Art, Drama, Makerspace and Music) give students the opportunity to explore their passions and build on their individual curiosities and skill sets. Engagement through students having choice to explore their passions in a variety of ways along with our extracurricular Music programs and Athletic programs give students the ability to share their knowledge with each other and communicate and expand on their learning.

It is our goal to provide an enriching environment where every individual has the right to achieve their full learning potential.  Working together with all stakeholders to create a caring, safe environment of engagement, motivation and promotion of individual belonging will ensure that the children of today will become productive citizens of tomorrow. Together we will learn, share, collaborate and inspire.

Mrs. Stephanie Labby

Proud Principal

Yorkson Creek Middle School

20686 - 84 Avenue, Langley
BC, V2Y 2B5
Phone: 604-888-8065
Fax: 604-888-8069