Munch a Lunch



Munchalunch is an online lunch ordering system!

How to Register:

1.  Go to

  1. Click “Register Here” and the system will guide you through.
  2. After adding your children, click the green “Order Lunch” button to order.
  3. Next time, just click “Login Here” to access your account and place an order!


If you are returning user, just click “LOGIN” HERE.

What’s NEW?

  • Each lunch date is opened for ALL grades!  Yes, G6, G7 and G8 altogether!


Lunch Schedule: (all grades on the same day). 

Coming Soon!



Do you know if you order the lunches all at once, that will minimize the credit card processing fees = more money for the school to spend!

SPECIAL NOTES before registering:

  • The system is not currently compatible with cell phones so please order using a computer/laptop. Although it will allow you to place an order using your phone, the drop down menus will not all work and you will miss important ordering steps (i.e. may not be able to put any toppings on your sub).
  • Any unpaid orders will be automatically cancelled so please be sure to make payment as soon as you have placed your order. The prices include Paypal processing fees which YCMSPAC must pay for each transaction.  So if you are planning on ordering Panago and Subway, please order both in the same transaction rather than making two separate transactions.  This will put the most amount of money back in the pockets of the PAC to spend on our students!  We only accept PAYPAL, Visa, MC.  Sorry, no cash or cheque.
  • When ordering Subway, you will be able to choose toppings at the END of your order just before you pay. Please don’t miss this important step or you will end up with a plain sub!
  • Please note if your child is absent on a lunch day you are welcome to come and pick up their lunch but we cannot save it for the next day. Please note there are NO REFUNDS as this is a school fundraiser.

Children at 2 Schools:

  • If you already have an account with Munchalunch at another school, you will need a separate account for YCMS. Simply send an email to Munchalunch at with the subject line “Children at 2 schools”.  Let them know the names of your children and the schools they go to and they will set up two separate accounts for you.

Please contact us at if you have any questions. Here you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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