Yorkson Creek offers a comprehensive academic program which includes various Exploration classes.  In Grade 6 and 7, students are scheduled into a Block Rotation to ensure they experience every Exploration class and then in their Grade 8 year students get to select their top three choices from the following classes.  Please note that students are guaranteed to receive their ‘Top Pick’ in either Term 1, Term 2 or Term 3.

Art 8
Students will further develop their creative skills and techniques learned in previous years. There will be more time to expand on their ideas and to produce more extensive projects. Drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics and collage are some of the areas of focus. Working with clay and acrylic paint will be two new areas for the students. Students will design and create a mixed media canvas and a 3-dimensional piece. They will also expand their drawing and shading skills through a variety of activities. The assignments will be more open-ended; allowing for more creative expression and personal style to be displayed in their work. The overall objective of the art program is to experience the value and ‘fun’ of creating!

Foods & Textiles 8
In the first section of this course students build upon their previous experience with hand sewing, machine sewing and product construction to create a useful sewn product. In the latter part of the term, students will cook breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert as part of basic kitchen confidence skills and safety learning competencies.

Maker Space 8
In Maker Space students design, create and participate in design challenges. The emphasis is to use creative and critical thinking skills, as well as teamwork, to complete projects and build prototypes. Students will also use technology for coding and robotics.

Music Expo 8: Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre 8 offers students an exciting introduction to the world of musical theatre, exploring its rich history in Broadway classics and continuing to the present state of this art form. Students will learn the various aspects of stage production, from character development, vocal production, and choreography, to set design. They will audition for and be cast in roles in a modern musical, preparing group scenes, and solo work in some lead parts, Additionally they will also be introduced to stage lighting, and sound production, to complete their musical theatre experience.

Woodwork 8
In Woodworking, grade 8 students will continue to develop the skills that they have learned in grades 6 and 7. More time in the wood shop means bigger projects, more detail in the projects, more design work to personalize projects; more of everything!

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