Yorkson Creek Middle School offers fall, winter and spring sports programs to compete with other programs in the school district.  Due to COVID, these programs are currently on hold.

 Fall Sports:

Cross-country (Grades 6, 7, 8)

Basketball Schedule
Gr7 Boys Basketball Schedule
Gr7 Girls Basketball Schedule
Gr6 Boys_Girls Basketball Schedule


Volleyball Schedule
Girls Volleyball 2019 (see attached schedule)
Boys Volleyball 2019 (attach schedule)

Grade 7 Volleyball and Grade 6 Volleyball: seasons will begin at the end of October and will be intramural based.

Winter Sports:

Grade 6 and 7 Volleyball Seasons: Late October to Early December

•all games will be an “intramural” format this season

Grade 8 Basketball season is January and February


Grade 6 and 7 Basketball

Grade 6 and 7 Basketball seasons will begin in early February

Grade 7 Basketball season is March and April

Grade 6 Basketball season is March and April


All school sports are contingent on coaching availability.  Some sports not currently listed may be offered as the year progresses.

Parents are welcome (and encouraged) to offer their coaching expertise.  If you are interested in helping with a team, please contact Yorkson Creek’s Athletic Director, Kyle Anderson, at


Students should pay close attention to PA announcements, as well as the regularly updated athletics board, outside the North gym for information regarding team signup and schedules.


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